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Went and saw the movie, Van Helsing today. It was pretty good. Phillip and his friends were at the same theater watching the same flick, but I never even saw them in there. The only reason I found out was because afterward when I went to the Gas station to fill up my tank, I saw Phillip walking across the parking lot. I asked him how things were and if his girlfriend was really pregnant and he said she had lied about the whole thing. She also lied and told him she threw a milkshake at my vehicle not to long ago which never happened. She must have gotten the wrong car. That girl apparently has a problem with lying because I know a few things shes told Phillip that have been a BIG lie, but its non of my buisness. That drama is too much stress for me. I wish Phillip the best of luck at whatever he does, as for her, I hope she learns to tell the truth and be good to him.
I bought the sims for xbox and it turned out good after all. I hated it at first because I was only playing the story mode.

I was feeling stressed out but things are ok. Im just gonna go ahead and sleep.
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