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Dead kid sold seperatly

I went Christmas shopping today and man people are maniacs. Ive never see everyone in such a rush,lol. It was fun though. I think I got some shitty gifts for my family but I hope they like them anyway.
Im offically leaving for Maryland on Tuesday afternoon. I didn't think I was going this year, I didn't want too, but now that I know my grandaddy only has a few months to live, I wanna go see him when I have the chance. I would regret it in later years if I didnt.

I wished I had a book of all my friends addresses in it. I wanna send snail mail! People email me them if ya can ( I know cheestin wont cause he doesnt know his lmao) But everyone who can, please do My email: loving_me_4_me_0226@yahoo.com

Im gonna go waste time till my man comes home from work. plllllt
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