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Puh Huh

I want some funny icons. Random dumb things amuse me.
Today went pretty well. I got my car back from the shop earlier. They put brand new stuff under the hood and rebuilt my transmittion. Costed a pretty penny but I dont care.
I miss everyone!
Mom and Dad might go to Maryland sometime this week. Doctors said my grandaddy who lives up there probably wont survive the rest of the week. At first I felt sad but ya know what. He is going to be alot happier. Sitting in a hospital, like a vegtable isnt a life to me. The fact that I know his suffering will end and he will be happy makes me happy. :)
Seans roomated got in a wreck today. His car looked like jaws had gotten a hold of it. But Im glad hes alright.
I feel alot better today then I have in the past week. I got a very harsh but true reality check slapped at me today, and it makes me realize, I can handle anything, and can over come all the things that have been bugging me.
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